Archive Suyama Space | 1998 - 2017
1998 George Suyama opened his new architectural office in an old garage in Belltown, Beth Sellers was looking for an exhibition space. They found each other, and curated for 19 years 64 site - specific installations at Suyama Space.
In 2005 I presented 'About Sippwells and other Places' at Suyama Space.

The Circumnavigators
Some of you had a chance to visit our project 'CircumNavigators'
at the GTU Library in Berkeley two years ago. Danae Mattes
and I have just finished an online exploration of 'thecircumnavigators'.
Please enter a world of visual delights and wonders.

susanburdick photography
A few weeks ago my colleague Susan Burdick offered her help to document
a notebook I created during a residency project in Cologne in 2013.
You might enjoy this closer reading of 'Eine Frage von Zeit und Bewegung
- a matter of time and movement'.


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